Rehabilitate and Revitalize

At Kiwi Physical Therapy, our goal is to eliminate  your pain, restore  your mobility, and return you as quickly as possible to your active lifestyle.

Our office is conveniently located in midtown Manhattan where our  staff  is led by David Wickenden, an experienced Manual Therapist, with over 20 years experience.  Our facilities feature state-of-the-art equipment, private treatment rooms, and dressing rooms with showers to accommodate busy schedules. We offer extended before and after work  hours for added convenience, and  accept most insurance plans.

Please call 212-686-1112 to schedule an appointment or email David personally, using our contact form, with any questions or concerns regarding potential treatment.

Kiwi’s Unique yet Efficient Techniques Documented

The Kiwi Approach to PRP recovery

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How can Class 4 Laser therapy help you?

Advances in laser science have led to this technology revolutionizing  tissue healing.

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What is Shortwave Diathermy?

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