There is no better physical therapy in Manhattan. I have tried too many. The PTs at hospitals are the worst followed closely behind those connected with doctors’ offices.Dave Wickenden has magic hands. He has cured my back, torn rotator cuff, arches in both feet. I have recommended Kiiwi to many friends who also have been very happy with their results.

I’ve been going off and on to Dave for five years; he has treated me for my ankle surgery and back problems. In both situations, the results were great. Dave and his wonderful staff provided a unique exercise program so I can return to my daily routine as quickly as possible with no problem. I highly recommend Kiwi to my family and friends. In fact I recommended him to my sister, who also had great results. If Dave can’t put you back together no one can.

Glenna H

Dave and his team are extremely knowledgeable, competent, and on the ball! From the first moment I walked in with a torn ligament to years later with another issue. These fabulous talented physical therapists and trainers had my back and rehabbed me in the most efficient manner. I highly recommend.

Melissa S. N.

Dave and team are awesome – I can’t recommend them more strongly. They provided a great, individualized program that evolved over time as my foot recovered, and they also mixed it up enough that I actually looked forward to going to PT. I credit them with the swift recovery of my foot and being injury-free since, which I was told was unlikely to happen.

Peter T.

I can highly recommend Dave Wickenden and his team. My experience has been very positive and has resulted in me being able to return to a fully functioning life. Dave is highly skilled and approached my injury in an holistic way and did not only focus on my ailment, but took the effects it had on my entire body into account and developed a comprehensive (and fun) training plan. It included amongst others Tai Chi, exercises in the pool and boxing. Dave worked closely with my treating orthopedic surgeon from HSS. Dave was able to build up my confidence again, and through his tireless manual work, encouragement, and providing perspective on my situation I successfully was able to walk again after a 3 year period of going through 7 surgeries and being in wheelchairs, on “roll-a-bouts”, walkers, boots and crutches. Munah, Gia and Dave have always made me feel welcome and seen me through all the tough times. They are an awesome team and the type of care and attention provided is truly unique and of unparalleled levels.

Evelien Z.

Dave and company at Kiwi PT are awesome. Not only are they great Physical Therapists, they make the experience fun?! They helped me recover from 3 different foot surgeries. My orthopeadic surgeon from HSS recommended the practice and I completely understand why!

Gina F.

I’ve been to to Kiwi for a few different ailments over the years, and I couldn’t be happier with Dave and his staff. If you need a physical therapist in New York, go to Kiwi. They’ll get you back in shape in no time.

Brian B.


Dave helped me learn how to walk again after ankle surgery! He was fantastic. The whole team at Kiwi is great. Zack

Zack G.

Have been going to David and Kiwi PT for years under recommendation from my surgeon at HSS. They helped me rehab from two ankle surgeries, as well as the occasional tweaked back that accommodates an aggressive training program. The therapy is very hands-on, with David manipulating the problem area as needed. Lots of high-tech equipment to help with various injuries. And when it comes time to do exercises they don’t just leave you to your self- they guide you to make sure you’re doing everything properly and motivate you to push through when/if the going gets tough. Top to bottom great experience- David, Gia, Muna. Highly recommended.

Scott B.

As an avid runner, I was devastated to learn I needed foot surgery and would be out of my running sneakers for several months. After my surgery, my podiatrist recommended Dave and Kiwi PT. Immediately upon entering the space, I felt at home. Dave, Munah and the staff did everything to make me feel comfortable. From my first evaluation, it was clear Dave and Kiwi PT are passionate not only about helping individuals recover from their injury, but also about improving their health and relationship with exercise and wellness. My sessions were mostly focused on rehabilitating my foot, but we also spent time working on strengthening my core to make sure I avoided re-injuring my back. We worked on my posture because my hips were stiff from limping. I truly felt that the months I spent at Kiwi PT, my entire body was cared for in a thoughtful, professional and friendly way. My therapy sessions were more then just following my podiatrist’s orders, but about finding a new relationship with my body. Dave always said to me, “I can control what you do during the 2 hours a week you spend with me, but the rest of the hours are up to you.” Dave and Kiwi PT gave me the tools I needed to help me recover. I truly believe it is because of Dave and Kiwi PT that I am back in my running shoes again!

Lori F.

I can’t speak highly enough about Dave and his team. The Kiwi approach is totally holistic and has done wonders for me. Dave listens and designs an individualized program that takes into account your whole body not just the one ailing part that brought you there. He’s an amazing hands-on therapist and is incredibly knowledgeable. He takes into account how the body works in total, the mind-body connection and the exercise that best suits your conditions. There’s no “one size fits all here”. Jie’s a wonderful trainer who clearly knows what he’s doing. Muna’s always a welcoming presence. I’d been to many physical therapists over the years, but none ever helped me in the way that Kiwi has. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Lauren K.


I was recommended to Kiwi PT by an orthopedic surgeon and sport medicine specialist at HSSalmost 10 years ago. Dave’s magic hands have worked miracles on my foot, back and shoulders and I could not be happier. Over a few decades I have attended many PT places and Kiwi is by far the best.

Judith M.

I’m a nurse, so I have a good idea of what should be done and I’m very impressed with everything.

“They know exactly how to work, when to push you and when not to. They gradually work into every part of your body. I’m doing things I could never, ever do in my life after an injury. And I’m not young. I came here in a boot and on a scooter. Now I’m walking around. I couldn’t even bear weight and now they have me out of the boot and in a sneaker.”

Darlene, Age 56, Posterior Tibia Tendon Rupture

I’ve tried many different therapies.

“I was in pain for 18 months before my surgery. I tried many different therapies. Dave said he would go with my body. That was different than other places who tried to rush me. Dave realized that wasn’t the way to do it. He tailor made the treatment to my individual needs. I think that really helped. He knew it would take a little longer but it really seemed to do the trick. Other therapy just seemed to aggravate it more.”

Alan, Age 51, Achilles Surgery


I don’t want Dave to get too popular, then he won’t have any time for me.

“I’ve been to lots of gyms before and I’ve had trainers and it’s all one dimensional. This is not, it’s multi-dimensional. He looks at you as a whole human being. Dave is an extraordinary, unusual, talented human being. He brings the best of exercise and therapy together. He understands everything and he’s intellectually curious. So what happens is he wants to learn a lot about you, physically and otherwise and you learn a lot about him. Particularly his knowledge of these things, he’s really intellectual about what he does as a professional.”

Robert, Age 83, Achilles Injury


I have realized how wrong I was, it is so much fun, I love it.

“Before I started I thought it would be a drag going to physical therapy. But not only was the atmosphere very pleasant, the services were very accommodating and competent. Dave was able to improve my functioning, my well being and self esteem. Dave, thanks for all you have done for me, it feels like a second family.”

Judit, Age 52, Ankle and Foot Pain


I ruptured my achilles tendon 4 months ago and I am already doing 6 mile runs on the treadmill.
I had been playing semi-professional soccer for most of my adult life and for the past 15 months I had been suffering from severe tendinosis. As a result,  the actual achilles rupture was more complicated as the tendon had to be repaired and then reattached to the heel bone.

2 months post op I started working with David and I found him very helpful in explaining the path to recovery to give me benchmarks to hold on to. Barely out of the cast, I pretty much skipped the walking boot and went straight to shoes. David mixed and matched various excercises into my weekly routine. Since my ankle joint had been locked in a cast for 2 months, one major task was to mobilize the joint. Here, David worked tirelessly on my foot and gave me constant advice on how to improve flexibility myself.

Overall, I found David and his staff to create very personalized recovery plans, taking into account the individual ability and willingness to work towards recovery rather than applying textbook methods to everyone.

Julius W.,Brooklyn, NY

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