I separated a biceps muscle at the elbow (distol tear) in August of 2013 and David’s team help put me back together again. Not only does Kiwi PT have some really excellent technology and equipment, they have the warmest and friendliest staff around. David himself is a Kiwi and a great, great guy. After my PT was finished I stopped up a few times just to say hi. Really good people, wonderful way to recover from injuries, and all around great experience. Can’t recommend it highly enough.

You had an effective and well thought out plan for my rehab.

“You first worked with me after I had elbow surgery. It was the first time I worked with a physical therapist. I thought you did an excellent job.

Some of my thoughts are as follows.

I often had questions and you were patient and accurate on your answers and solutions.

You were very knowledgeable and quite experienced in the way you worked through the different stages of rehab with me.

I came back to see you for two other injuries. Each time it was important for you to diagnose correctly and then to come up with a good plan. Once again all was done well and I was back to working out with no concerns.

I would without question recommend your services.”

Dennis, Age 63, Elbow Surgery

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