There is no better physical therapy in Manhattan. I have tried too many. The PTs at hospitals are the worst followed closely behind those connected with doctors’ offices.Dave Wickenden has magic hands. He has cured my back, torn rotator cuff, arches in both feet. I have recommended Kiiwi to many friends who also have been very happy with their results.

I have been going to Dave for PT for years. Because of his expert treatment, I was able to postpone knee replacement for years. His individual care with each client is extraordinary. At the beginning of each appointment, he examines you – and his hands read the body like an X-ray. He understands intuitively the origin of the ailment or injury, and considers the total body in relationship to the problem area. He was first recommended to me by my podiatrist and a surgeon at HSS. For ultimate professionalism, I recommend Kiwi Physical Therapy – without reservation!!

The good job that David and his team have done go far and beyond my expectations. I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my lower back and my orthopedist suggested going to physical therapy before trying any kind of surgery. Results couldn’t have been better and, as of today, I am able to have a normal life (I go to the gym, swimming, skiing, play basketball…). When the initial pain was healed, I continued going to Kiwi PT and they taught me how to work out those areas that would serve as a natural protection to my lower back. I couldn’t be happier and feel healthier. A great group of trustworthy professionals.

Carlos M.

I had a great rehabilitation here. Really fun, knowledgable people who made the road to recovery a little less daunting. I highly recommend Kiwi PT!

Laura D.


I am very grateful to David and his team. I had a problem with my back, could barely move, even breathing was painful, and in just 3 sessions, David brought me back to normal life. Thanks David!!!! Noelle Mauri.

Noelle M.

I was recommended to Kiwi PT by an orthopedic surgeon and sport medicine specialist at HSSalmost 10 years ago. Dave’s magic hands have worked miracles on my foot, back and shoulders and I could not be happier. Over a few decades I have attended many PT places and Kiwi is by far the best.

Judith M.

Have been going to David and Kiwi PT for years under recommendation from my surgeon at HSS. They helped me rehab from two ankle surgeries, as well as the occasional tweaked back that accommodates an aggressive training program. The therapy is very hands-on, with David manipulating the problem area as needed. Lots of high-tech equipment to help with various injuries. And when it comes time to do exercises they don’t just leave you to your self- they guide you to make sure you’re doing everything properly and motivate you to push through when/if the going gets tough. Top to bottom great experience- David, Gia, Muna. Highly recommended.

Scott B.

I’m a  tri-athlete, golfer, surgeon, and mother of 3 young children. I had such bad lower back pain, I couldn’t exercise, and it was bothering me constantly in daily life activities. I was sent to David with a diagnosis of facet pain. The staff was courteous and efficient. One session with David and I was 100%. He was fantastic and listened to my concerns about different treatment options that were offered.  I went home with a kiwi cushion which is perfect for keeping my spine in alignment. I would recommend Kiwi physical therapy without hesitation.

Carlos M, Brooklyn, NY

David and Kiwi Therapy were recommended to me by top physicians at Hospital for Special Surgery.  I’ve gone to Kiwi following two ankle surgeries as well as for simple tweaks in my back.  David and his staff understood my needs and my limits and helped me work hard to get back to training.  Very hands-on and attentive, as opposed to many other PT’s that give you a bunch of exercises to do and then disappear.  Highly recommended.

Scott B., Brooklyn, NY

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