Sunday Morning’s: Boxing against Parkinson’s

November 8, 2015, 9:41 AM Nearly one million Americans are affected by Parkinson’s disease, for which there is no cure. But there is a new program using professional boxing techniques to counterpunch the neurological disorder. Correspondent Lesley Stahl and her husband, Aaron Latham, who has Parkinson’s, visit the Rock Steady Boxing program to see the […]

Ask Well: What Are the Benefits of Tai Chi?

By Gretchen ReynoldsMarch 6, 2015 5:45 am   Tai Chi for Your Health In China, many people practice Tai Chi together in outdoor settings.             Tai chi chuan, a gentle form of martial arts combining deep, diaphragmatic breathing and flowing, dancelike poses, can be a remarkably potent workout for people […]

How Sitting Is Slowly Killing You and What You Can Do About It?

It’s funny how sometimes our own amazing advancement can develop a gradual demise. As we progress with technology and policy at a rate that no known species can parallel, we also contribute to negative health without intending to do so. Obesity was hardly a problem centuries ago, when overweight appearance was commonly associated with royalty […]

Our Philosophy on Manual Therapy

The Evolving Model of Manual Therapy Australian Manual Physiotherapy has evolved to consist of the physical examination and treatment of a large range of disorders, mainly of pain, of the neuromusculoskeletal system. This is now referred to as manual therapy. Manual therapy previously referred to as manipulative therapy is now used to denote a broader […]

Does PT Work? An Analysis of our Patient Results

The purpose of Physical Therapy is to get patients out of pain and to rehabilitate injury. But how do we know whether patients are improving, or what programs work the best? We examined the results of patient data from the past 3 years, comparing patient’s before and after physical therapy treatment. The results illustrate that […]


Kiwi Physical Therapy is concerned with whole body healing. We realize that one of the main components of total body healing comes in the kitchen. To that end, we have combined with ForeverGreen to increase awareness of a number of nutritional supplements. We’d like to focus on two in particular that we think are valuable: […]

FMS Evaluations

Here at Kiwi, we customize our treatment plans to fit a patient’s pain or musculoskeletal deficiencies. Often times, patients (and for that matter practitioners) aren’t sure where they are weak, exactly what hurts, or how to fix it.  Often Functional Movement Screens (FMS) can help provide answers.

Manual Therapy

Kiwi Physical Therapy offers a unique approach to Physical Therapy. Below, Dave Wickenden, founder and owner of Kiwi PT, explains the evolving approach to Manual Physical Therapy, and how he believes it relies on a more well rounded, integrated approach to pain management. Click below to read about the art of diagnosis, manual treatment, and […]