Does PT Work? An Analysis of our Patient Results

The purpose of Physical Therapy is to get patients out of pain and to rehabilitate injury. But how do we know whether patients are improving, or what programs work the best? We examined the results of patient data from the past 3 years, comparing patient’s before and after physical therapy treatment. The results illustrate that Physical Therapy not only works for the vast majority of patients, but that continuing to go after 15 visits results in a greater improvement for patients versus their peers that attend for 15 visits or less.

Here is a rundown of the numbers:

75% of patients in the double blind study improved by a statistically significant measure, as dictated by the Lower Extremity Functional Scale.

Patients with 15+ visits averaged a statistically significant improvement over their peers when interviewed 18 months later. While both groups averaged an improvement, the 15+ visit group reported a roughly 10 point higher average than the other group.

We believe these results are due to compliance and physiological improvement. While patients find that they are out of pain quickly, a greater benefit comes with promoting physiological realignment and improving muscular deficiencies and asymmetries. Those particular improvements continue to improve health and rehabilitation throughout a greater time frame, and help insure the patient remains injury free. Compliance is also improved, meaning that patients are working out as oppose to

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LEFS Patient Outcomes