I can’t speak highly enough about Dave and his team. The Kiwi approach is totally holistic and has done wonders for me. Dave listens and designs an individualized program that takes into account your whole body not just the one ailing part that brought you there. He’s an amazing hands-on therapist and is incredibly knowledgeable. He takes into account how the body works in total, the mind-body connection and the exercise that best suits your conditions. There’s no “one size fits all here”. Jie’s a wonderful trainer who clearly knows what he’s doing. Muna’s always a welcoming presence. I’d been to many physical therapists over the years, but none ever helped me in the way that Kiwi has. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Dave and company at Kiwi PT are awesome. Not only are they great Physical Therapists, they make the experience fun?! They helped me recover from 3 different foot surgeries. My orthopeadic surgeon from HSS recommended the practice and I completely understand why!
Gina F.

I went to another facility because I didn’t know about this office at that time.

“I didn’t know what to expect when I came here. I like the fact that it’s not big. When I went to the other places there were a lot of people involved and it wasn’t really a hands-on atmosphere. Here I feel, with Dave and Matt, it’s more one-on-one. You feel like you’re spending more time with them. It’s very small and friendly. You don’t feel like just a number. They’re devoting their time to help you out.”

Janine, Age 42, Ligament Surgery and Morton’s Neuroma


Other places are lot more like a franchise.

“This is how we do it, they have their same routine. They don’t vary it specifically for you. There’s a lot more people you’re in contact with at one time, they have a lot more assistants. It’s like you’re just going through the motions. The services are adequate but not great. Kiwi Physical Therapy takes a bigger picture approach to solving your current problem and hopefully preventing another problem. They don’t just look at healing the injury but help you to re-develop your muscles and re-balance your body.”

Carin, Age 38, Foot Problems


A competent, qualified therapist with a winning personality.

“My surgeon recommended that I go to Dave for my physical therapy sessions after having extensive surgery on both feet. He proved to be a competent, qualified therapist with a winning personality. His skill, knowledge and experience are outstanding. He cares about his patients and wants us to do well. Thank you Dave, for helping me through a challenging recovery.”

Sheila, Age 45, Foot Surgery


“I held off for over a year before I had my surgery. I was not looking forward to weeks of physical therapy. Kiwi was an experience. It was convenient to my office. They were flexible in scheduling my sessions. The staff was friendly and encouraging. I actually had fun during the routines. Dave Wickenden helped me understand the healing process. My doctor was thrilled with the results and so was I. I have recommended friends to both my doctor and Kiwi.”

Wendy, Age 62, Bunion Surgery


I have realized how wrong I was, it is so much fun, I love it.

“Before I started I thought it would be a drag going to physical therapy. But not only was the atmosphere very pleasant, the services were very accommodating and competent. Dave was able to improve my functioning, my well being and self esteem. Dave, thanks for all you have done for me, it feels like a second family.”

Judit, Age 52, Ankle and Foot Pain


Healing hands and numerous words of courage.

“Before I started I was doubtful as to whether or not I would wear glamorous shoes, ever again. Miraculously, I can and I do wear high heel shoes again.

The biggest benefits of coming to Kiwi PT have been learning how to care for my injury through exercise and therapy, healing to a degree of normalcy, and restoring my faith in Physical Therapy

I would highly recommend Your service over and over again.

Of course, none of the above could have been achieved without the healing hands and numerous words of courage lent by David Wickenden.”

Joan, 73, Toe Fracture


Coming here was an eye-opener.

“I was told physical therapy was told it 15 or 20 minutes tops and then they push you out. I’m not pushed out of here at all. They give you such care. They’re not only trying to heal your wounds, they strengthen every part of your body so that you maintain the good work they did to the injuries you incurred. I found that the well-rounded training is exactly what an individual needs to get better. There’s no question.”

Rosie, Age 45, Foot Surgery

5 years ago I suffered a severe and very painful foot fracture.  Dave was one of only two physical therapists my doctor at Hospital for Special Surgery would refer me to.  I spent two months in a boot with no weight bearing and so when I arrived at Dave’s office my foot was stiff as a board.  I felt very stressed out and fearful of being in pain starting physical therapy but under Dave’s watchful eye and guidance from his superb staff I relaxed and got on with the therapy which consisted of stretching exercises, heat therapy, electrode stimulation, balancing and eventually cardio.  Dave used a laser around the site of the injury to strengthen the bone.  At no time did I ever feel rushed or over extended .  I also did stretching exercises at home, used a bone stimulator my doctor recommended and for about a month the nightly ritual of dunking my foot in an ice bath (grrrr).  No, I didn’t like that too much!  But, I paid attention to what Dave and my doctor recommended, followed their advice to the book and I am happy to report I have experienced no pain whatsoever in my foot.

Lots of people with similar injuries told me I would be able to forecast the weather by how my foot felt but I’m happy to say I have often been caught in downpours without an umbrella!  I can honestly say if you follow Dave’s advice you will reap the benefits of his outstanding physical therapy.  I have since returned with a back injury and am extremely confident in Dave’s ability to get me back on track once again.  Dave is extremely knowledgeable, patient, warm and friendly towards all his patients and you can’t beat the relaxing music and candy treats after all your hard work!

Thanks to all at Kiwi, I am so grateful to you!

Catherine F., Long Island City, NY

I’ve been going to Kiwi Physical Therapy on and off for many years and I always felt I had come to the right place for my rehab.  The staff is great and always welcomes me with a smile.  Dave really knows how to treat injuries and gets you back up doing the things you love.  His easygoing manner always makes you feel comfortable and his manual therapy is incredible.  I came to Dave not able to walk without pain and now I’m back out there doing the things that make me happy.  I recommend Dave to everyone!

Emily Witt, New York, NY

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