Kiwi Kushion

The Kiwi Kushion, is a simple angled cushion was shaped to allow someone with acute low back pain to sit comfortably.  It basically tilts the pelvis forward which reduces the (flexion) stretch on the lower lumbar motion segments.  Sitting is usually the most aggravating position with anyone with back pain and this simple positional change reduces the flexion angle and relieves most low back pain when sitting.  Over the past 7 years many clients have found significant relief using this aid.  This cushion is extremely easy to put on your chair at work, home or in the car and many now use it when flying.

Here is a typical lumbar spine and the position of the lumbar spine.  Sedentary occupations now have the highest incidence of low back pain.

Long sitting without cushion

Here is the effect of the position of the lumbar spine with the Kiwi Kushion.

Long sitting on cushion

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The dimensions is 16x16x7  inches


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