Dear Dave,

Thank you to you & your staff for taking such good care of my badly injured knee.

I have no doubt that your calm & loving attention of my injury, and the advanced healing technologies and techniques you applied, were instrumental in the rapid recovery that had me on my way to Europe!

may 2016 bring you & everyone in your office blessing, peace, & love.



I’m a soccer player and due to an injury i had a knee surgery. A friend suggested me Kiwi PT for my physical therapy after the surgery, it has been the best suggestion ever. Dave and his staff help me get back in shape, and more, with a series of exercises that not only strengthened my knee but my whole body and i was back on the field in a shorter time than I expected. Highly recommended.

Fabrizio C.

Kiwi physical therapy is a great place for physio and cold laser therapy I worked with Dave and his assistant Gia for more the 2 month, Dave’s knowledge and cognition towards injuries is quite overwhelming as he understands the roots of the problem and try to get to treat the injury through other ways as in finding different solutions to sort it out … That’s besides his great positive vibe along with his team as well .
I had a great experience there and I would def recommend him .

Ramy R.

I had seen one of the best surgeons at HSS and had completed 8 weeks of physical therapy without relief.

“As a last resort, my doctor recommended Kiwi Dave cautioning me that doing physical therapy with him would be a “real workout” 19 therapy sessions later I was squatting 260 pounds and was free from knee pain for the first time in 18 months. Now I am back doing everything I love including playing for one of the best men’s ice hockey teams in New York City. Dave is the best physical therapist I have ever worked with, takes great care of his patients, and most importantly, gets results. I would recommend Dave without reservation to anyone.”

Steve, Age 29, Knee Injury


I was a little nervous on my first visit.

“After dislocating my knee and never having had physical therapy before I was a little nervous on my first visit. No need to be at all! Dave and his team were very welcoming and friendly and instantly made me feel at ease. Everything was explained to me fully so I soon understood why certain exercises were good and what to avoid. Just knowing what was going on inside my knee was an eye opener. I would highly recommend Kiwi PT to anyone who needs physical therapy. Not only are they excellent at what they do, they push you into recovery in a wonderfully friendly and humorous way. Thanks for everything and I am very happy to report that thanks to you my knee is fully recovered.”

Sarah, Age 29, Knee Injury


Dave is an exceptional therapist and has a great ability to motivate his patients…

“…and make physical therapy and the hard work that comes along with it fun! His passion for his work and encouragement towards his patients really came through and motivated me to work hard and succeed within my treatment program. He provided me with both the knowledge and treatment necessary to regain my strength and stability. I would highly recommend Dave to any potential patient.”

Sylvia, Age 30, Bi-Lateral Knee Surgery


I’m walking normally again.

Dave is a skilled and professional Physical Therapist that gives his patients his undivided attention. He always knew what massage or exercise to heal my aches and pains for my foot and knee. Thanks to Dave, both areas are pain free and I’m walking normally again. I highly recommend Dave as a Physical Therapist. Thanks for everything.”

Olivia, Age 63, Foot and Knee Injury


For my physical therapy needs, I checked out quite a few places online and a couple in person. I was looking for something more than just mere competence, something more than just a mill that saw me for 45 minutes so they could bill my insurance. I needed to undo my couch-potato-ness.

The folks at Kiwi are, or were once, pro/semi-pro athletes. To me, this is preferable to just someone who’s a PT. They look at you in total, and work with you, hands-on, and work you *hard* to get you back on track, per your doc’s prescription, and then some. Working thru your exercises with other patients in the same room is great motivation. The place and people have a great vibe.

I am in better shape now than I was 5 years ago. These days I take the MTA escalators 2 steps at a time, at a jog, and that includes the big one one linking the express platform to the local platform at the 4/5/6 trains’ 59th Station.

Thanks Dave, thanks Matt, for kickin’ my arse and reminding me didn’t show up for a haircut!

John Chen, New York, NY

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