Kiwi Physical Therapy is concerned with whole body healing. We realize that one of the main components of total body healing comes in the kitchen. To that end, we have combined with ForeverGreen to increase awareness of a number of nutritional supplements. We’d like to focus on two in particular that we think are valuable: Electrifire and FrequenSea.

Electrifire: a completely organic energy drink. Unlike other drinks, there are no synthetic caffeines or sugars, thus reducing the risk of a “crash”, where Great for a pre-exercise boost.

Click here to read more about Electrifire’s Benefits or Ingredients.

FrequenSea: A nutrition supplement made from phytoplankton, as well as numerous other antioxidant and antiinflammatory foods (berries, aloe vera, etc). In a 2008 pilot study by the university of Utah, people who took phytoplankton reported an increase in T-lymphocytes, the main disease killers of the immune system. Furthermore, patients reported better moods, calmness, as well as higher scores on the Authentic Happiness Inventory (according to the Penn State University Positive Psychology Center).

Click the links to read more about the FrequenSea’s Ingredients or the  Phytoplankton Study.

Check out samples of both of these, coming soon to our offices!

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