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Manual TherapyManual therapy We understand the individual needs of our patients and their injuries. We work closely with physicians to design treatments that are not only rehabilitative, but also sustainable. Whether a patient is recovering from surgery, a sports- or work-related injury, an accident, or overcoming chronic pain, we develop a therapy plan that includes both in-office and at-home conditioning techniques. Our approach encourages patients to actively participate in their recovery. This not only accelerates their progress, but also creates habits that help avoid re-injury and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We have the expertise to treat pain related to chronic conditions, work, sports or accidents-related injuries, as well as post-surgical rehabilitation.For your Initial Visit,We have created a friendly atmosphere that is conducive to health and healing.

At your initial visit, you will be given time to fully express why you have come and what you hope to achieve. A mutual understanding of your expectations and what we can provide is essential for a clear treatment plan.

Your Treatment Plan
With your treatment plan in place, you are welcome to arrive early for your appointment to start your program. Our goal is for you to become confident in your exercise regime and develop self management strategies that will allow you to continue your progress after we have achieved our clinical goals. Depending on your individual treatment plan, your therapy will involve one-on-one Manual Therapy and personal exercise training as well as the latest in therapeutic modalities. We currently have the Litecure Class 4 laser and Rebound Shortwave Diathermy units. Both excel at rapid pain relief and accelerated healing.Maintain Physical Improvements – Personal Training and Fitness Coaching

We encourage you to get back to your previous level of function as quickly as possible and become aware of other exercise and physical pursuits that can maintain the physical improvements you have achieved with us. We do offer ongoing personal training and fitness coaching and have an excellent network of Massage therapists, yoga instructors and other health professionals.

Get Started
During your therapy with us we encourage you to be an active participant. Just remember to bring a positive attitude, a change of comfortable clothes to work out in and be willing to get started from your very first session. We have a liberal schedule policy that can help you keep your appointments and understand the challenges of living in NYC. We look forward to making your experience at Kiwi PT the best therapeutic experience you have ever had.

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Please call 212-686-1112  to schedule an appointment or inquire via our contact form.Manual therapy manipulative therapy neural tissue disorder cartilage rehabilitation PRP physical therapy Laser therapy Sports injury Sports medicine Rehabilitation Kiwi physical therapy 22 E 41st street, 3rd floor, New York NY 10017 (212)686-1112 F.(212)686-1717

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