Ergonomic Posture Aids


Reference Number: 3504

Kiwi Customer’s receive a 40% discount on all humanscale products. Enter the Reference number 3504 in the “Reference Code” part of the order (upper right hand part of the screen).

Humanscale freedom chairThe  Humanscale Freedom Chair is designed to give office personnel the most comfortable, therapeutic seating experience offerable today. It’s unique design and flexibility allow for natural back movement and help aid against muscle hypertrophy, a common cause of lower back pain.

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Humanscale Saddle Stool

The Humanscale Saddle Stool allows for comfortable seating while leaving the stabilizer muscles of the lower back responsible for support. Sitting in the stool as opposed to a normal chair helps improve posture and increase muscle development essential to a healthy back.

 Click here to purchase the Saddle Stool. You must have your reference code ready and enter it at the top. For questions email or call Kiwi PT.

Kiwi Kushions

KIWI KUSHIONThe Kiwi Kushion, designed by Dave Wickenden, is a lower back support device created to help stabilize and comfort people while sitting.

They are high-density polyester filled inside for ergonomic support,  with either leather or cotton covered.

The dimensions are is 16x16x7  inches. The cover color and printing can  be customized.

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