I’ve been going off and on to Dave for five years; he has treated me for my ankle surgery and back problems. In both situations, the results were great. Dave and his wonderful staff provided a unique exercise program so I can return to my daily routine as quickly as possible with no problem. I highly recommend Kiwi to my family and friends. In fact I recommended him to my sister, who also had great results. If Dave can’t put you back together no one can.

There is no better physical therapy in Manhattan. I have tried too many. The PTs at hospitals are the worst followed closely behind those connected with doctors’ offices.Dave Wickenden has magic hands. He has cured my back, torn rotator cuff, arches in both feet. I have recommended Kiiwi to many friends who also have been very happy with their results.

I developed shoulder pain following a surgery several years ago and went to see Kiwi Dave at the recommendation of my father (who has seen Dave for years for various reasons, including general fitness). Dave put me on a regimen of exercises and helped me build up the muscles around the pain to help stabilize the region. It was incredibly effective and I go back to him when I get any pain anywhere. Before any treatment, Dave is careful to take a full assessment of the pain and the real issue at hand. In addition to exercises and stretches, Dave has assess to advanced heating and laser technology, which he uses to warm up muscle areas or help relax them after a workout. Dave and his staff are incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. One of Dave’s assistants even taught me martial arts. I highly recommend Kiwi Physical Therapy to absolutely everyone – young or old, for slight pain or full recovery. They’re the best. Seriously.

David F.

“I’ve noticed other physical therapy places as I’ve walked around the city. Kiwi seems superior compared to the set-ups of other ones. The equipment and technology they use here seems fairly advanced. The atmosphere is enjoyable. The radio is always on.”

Ben, Age 24, Shoulder Surgery

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