The Broader Scope of Manual Therapy

Manual therapy treatment and management is not limited to hands on techniques.  Actions may include from advising bed rest or rest from certain activities to walking.  More specific interventions may involve such things as articular and peripheral nervous system mobilisation, soft tissue massage and stabilisation exercise, postural correction, ergonomic advice or functional strengthening.

Essential to this improved management paradigm is patient instruction in self management and preventative measures. Various techniques from articular self mobilisation and soft tissue self stretches to specific and general exercise, lifestyle advice, postural and ergonomic considerations can be given.

Treatment and management options are very much dependent upon the character and covenant of any referral for manual therapy and the expressed wishes and informed consent of an individual seeking or undergoing manual therapy evaluation for treatment.

Again the emphasis of this approach is the recognition of disorders suited to manual treatment and the treatment prescription according to the diagnostic recognition.

Manual therapy is therefore based upon a broad scope of clinical practice and is not aligned to any concept, approach or philosophy other than bio-scientific or evidence based clinical grounds.

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